Deel met anderen:

Danish band The Great Dictators is trying to find their way to the Netherlands also with a little help of LiveLikeTom. It started with their video of ‘Strange Ways’ on the LiveLikeTom-fanpage and after that a review on the site itself. That video is remarkable because the band is showing not to be afraid to tell that everybody is equal: ‘We all have throats, we all have tongues, so we can kiss the ones we love’. Now that’s the spirit! Time to get to know the singer of this wonderful band a little better.

Q: Hello Dragut, as many of our readers might not know you, can you introduce yourself? Who are you and how could we have heard of you?

A: I’m Dragut Lugalzagosi, lead singer in the Danish rock trio The Great Dictators. You probably haven’t heard of me, but maybe if you google “dudes with strange names”, I might pop up somewhere.

Q: Tom in LiveLikeTom means TheOtherMe. We are interested in what makes people happy, what they do in their spare time. Now you told a little about yourself, is there something we might not know, what you also really love to do besides making music?

A: I’m just a regular guy who likes to hang out with friends, drink till I drop, stare into a wall for hours and do my best at keeping an open mind. Regular stuff.

Q: What inspires you and in what way do we hear that in your music?

A: The bizarre ways of the human race. It’s fascinating how much we’re able to screw up over and over again. I consider myself quite a positive thinking guy, but it’s extremely boring to write about positive things. It’s only fun to write about the dark side of man. Of course, I’m also inspired by personal stuff. And the bizarre ways of women.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday destination and can you tell us why?

A: My apartment, cause that’s where I write all the songs. Favorite place in the world.

Q: Have you ever been in the Netherlands? If so what did you like the most and if not what do you definitely want to see?

A: Yes, a couple of times, and I loved it. Good vibes all over, you seem to be a cool and unpretentious people – and you seem to have a very open mind as a country, unlike Denmark for example.

Q: Is there a place in Copenhagen you would recommend us to go to enjoy the city to the fullest? A bar, club, restaurant?

A: Loppen, both the concert venue and restaurant, in Christiania. Great food and music. The atmosphere in Christiania is the only truly awesome and unique thing about Copenhagen, so make sure you go there first thing if you visit DK.


Tell us the first thing that comes to your mind after the following questions:
What’s your favorite artist/band?

Which movie moves you every time you see it?
12 Monkeys.

Is there a place on earth you definitely want to visit once in your life?

What do you consider ‘happy stuff’?

Do you have something to say in special to our readers?
Stay awesome.

Go and visit the website or Facebook page from the band to get all the latest news.

Does this Q & A trigger you to go to Copenhagen soon?